TV information

At Sunwing none of the broadcasting companies of Finland, Denmark , Norway and Sweden offer television channels outside their own countries, which means that we have no legal way to broadcast their channels. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you.

English channels: CNN international, BBC world , Eurosport, Euronews.

There is also web radio from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Channel number Channel name
 1 Lollo & Bernie  
 2 Nickelodeon  
 3 Kika  
 4 Eurosport  
 5 Rai sport  
 6 Euronews  
 7 BBC  
 8 CNN  
 9 Sky news  
10 Tbn Europe
 11 Film English  
12 Norwegian Radio
13 Danish Radio
14 Swedish Radio
15 Ert 1 Greek Channel
16 Ert 2 Greek Channel